The Four Elements

Multi-Arts Performance

The cooperation of Teija Englund, Meinert Steensen and Luis Pato on the "4 Elements" project started in Autumn 2012.

They worked and explores together the different moods and qualities of each elements, and it was based on this work that Luis Pato started composing the music (for Piano and Cello) for each of the four Elements: Water, Fire, Air and Earth.

The idea of creating a multi-artistic performance arouse very early in the creative process, but only in February 2011 the group of artists was complet.

The whole process was marked by a strong interaction and collaboration between all the artists.

The first set of performances took place in Sylvia-Koti, Finland, in March 2012, and a second set, as part of the "Vesi Festivaali", took place in August 2012.

In December 2012, the "4 Elements" project was awarded the Art and Antroposophy Grant by the Credere Fund, a program of the Think OutWord Foundation.

The "4 Elements" project is currently being further developed with the aim of creating a more coherent performance with more interesting and inovative aspects to it, future participation in artistic festivals and preparation of a recording.

The 4 Elements team is:

Music Composition



- Luis Pato

- Teija Englund

- Johan Walhsten





- Meinert Steensen

- Maria Rutanen

- Anna Leppä

- Maria Laiho

Water Fire Air Earth